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Hewlett Packard Distributor

Welcome to Unitech, your Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Aruba, and HP Inc. Solutions Distributor. We provide our customers direct access to all of the HPE and HPI product portfolio, through our highly knowledgeable staff. Gain access to full portfolio, ranging from servers, storage, networking, services, and spare parts. And we deliver to you or your customer - on time and securely.

Presales Support

Our purpose is to help our customers to buy better, faster and more effectively than they would do without us. Rely on our group of presales engineers to design and configure any type of solution. Our engineers will be happy to acompany you to your customer to help close any opportunity. We offer our customers a wide range of third party vendor products, so take advantage of our presales.

Our Office

IT Consulting & Integration

Success in today's world demands transformative IT and business strategies and a highly-flexible and responsive technology infrastructure.

We provide world-class technical thought and together with our industry-leading technology partners we work closely with our customers, we listen to their needs and goals and put together a plan to implement solutions to help keep up with the speed of business.

Our engineers and technical professionals have expertise with a number of third-party systems and vendor environments. As a true systems integrator, Unitech is capable of delivering IT solution that meet the specific demands of our customers. We offer:

Analysis and consulting

  • IT strategy consulting
  • IT audit and assessment
  • TCO/ROI analysis
  • IT organizational consulting
  • IT process consulting

Planning and design

  • Project management
  • IT planning and conceptual design
  • IT architecture and design
  • Proof of concept
  • Operational processes


  • Cloud integration and transformation
  • Installation of hardware and software
  • Client and server system configuration
  • Roll-out (OS and applications)
  • Automated client management and deployment
  • Project management
  • IT logistics
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IT Outsourcing Solutions

People drive technology. Without the right people, your business may sputter and stall on the information expressway. But highly specialized people are difficult to find. That's unless you have Unitech.

We provides end-to-end IT services powered by experts to help organizations design, deploy and manage their IT needs. Our outsourcing services deliver all the benefits of an in-house team, while minimizing risk and administrative overhead. We help organizations quickly resource projects that need specialist application skills and deep domain experience.

The IT infrastructure management services we offer:

  • Are designed from the ground up with large enterprises and mid-tier organizations in mind
  • Use a range of strategic solutions powered by cutting edge products
  • Are supported by our expert staff
  • Provide great value

Unitech has built its business around the needs of large enterprise and mid-tier organizations that typically employ more than 25 staff. These organizations depend on their IT infrastructures to support staff as they carry out their individual and team-based responsibilities. We supports these organizations by designing strategic solutions, provisioning leading-edge products, implementing new technologies, and managing IT infrastructure.


  • Provide high quality products that meet client specifications
  • Protect the confidentiality of customer information
  • Bring the right skills to projects with minimal delay
  • Introduce innovative technologies to solve business challenges
  • Be flexible to changing business requirements and corporate environments
  • Follow industry accepted methodologies
  • Meet and exceed contracted service level agreements

Our clients can focus on their core business because we manage the day-to-day distractions of designing, implementing, and operating their IT systems as part of our values. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Our Office

IT Products Supported

For products marked as supported, support can be obtained through Unitech, unless otherwise indicated. We handle distribution of this product and will assist you in obtaining , in troubleshooting installation issues of it. Assist you with using the software for its intended purpose(s). Product will work with applicable services and infrastructure currently offered by Unitech

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